Hello and welcome to Bereisheet 129 Vegan Plant-Based Cuisine & Catering. It is our pleasure to serve you and your family! Whether you are transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle or in need of assistance while on your plant-based journey, we are here to serve you. Bereisheet 129 Vegan Plant-Based Cuisine & Catering creates and customizes delicious, healthy, nutritious cuisines that will nourish your mind, body, and soul. Consider us as your option today. Bereisheet 129 Vegan Plant-Based Cuisine & Catering is your solution to wholistic and nutritious living, one meal at a time.

Our Story

Back in early January 2014 our lives changed for what we thought was the worse. My eldest twin daughter, Jhordan, began to exhibit some awful behavior. She was lying and really hating life. The light that was in her eyes diminished significantly. She even went as far as to email Child Protective Services on us stating we were abusing her which all was found to be false. We were referred to therapy where our lives took a turn down a very dark spiral for over 2 years.

We took her to therapy the next day and she advised the therapist that she wanted to die. She wanted to actually kill herself. This took her father and I for a loop. We had never heard this from her. She was always so happy and enjoyed life. We quickly learned that this wasn’t so. The therapist advised us to take her to the emergency room. Advise them of what she stated and have her assessed.

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